Paper Machine Edge Trim Consulting

Darden Engineering, Inc. has provided edge trim technical support for M. L. Gatewood Co. since 1993.  This experience has resulted in contact with paper mills all over the world.  When mills call Gatewood seeking technical advice concerning the Gatewood trim nozzle, the caller is frequently referred to Darden Engineering because of the experience we have with systems in the mills.  This frequent contact with edge trim nozzle users has resulted in an extensive body of information on how nozzles are used and problems that can occur.  Edge trim problems account for a significant part of the down time on some paper machines.  This down time can be very costly when compared to the cost of “doing it right”.  We will help you find the correct edge trim system and nozzle to “do it right”.


Darden Engineering will provide consulting services to review your present edge trim operation.  Those services can be as limited as selection of the proper nozzle for your machine or as extensive as design and construction management for revising your entire trim system including the pumps, piping and filtration.  A typical consulting engagement would be in two phases.  The first phase is a review of the system.  During this phase data is collected on the machine operating parameters, paper type, nozzle type, water source, and pump and piping system details.  The existing system is observed in operation and, if possible, while the machine is down.  The operator's input is a significant part of this phase.  Their descriptions, observations and accounts of the problems are critical to successfully implementing an edge trim system.  After the data is collected, recommendations are made concerning required revisions.  The second phase is implementation of the recommended revisions.  Our involvement can be as limited or as extensive as you like in this phase.  We are prepared to work at your site to see that the revisions are completed according to our recommendations.


Please contact us by phone or email for further information on the scope and cost of our services.


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